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    Innovative Learning Solutions for Pre Schools

About Mother’s Lap

Mother’s Lap is a comprehensive and competent Preschool Learning Solution, which makes learning easy and effective. The web and mobile application has been developed keeping in mind the changing parameters of motherhood, therefore, facilitating a preschool experience, which is both purposeful and joyful. At Mother’s Lap, we strongly believe that the values, habits and attitudes which are taught to children at this tender age remains with them through their life, hence, we developed solutions that are tailored to suit every child at school and home.

Mother’s Lap Curriculum

Mother’s Lap curriculum transforms preschools to make learning effective, engaging and collaborative in and outside the classroom. The curriculum is designed and developed by experts having years of experience in preschool teaching. The curriculum aims towards holistic development of the child, focusing on active and participative learning, and enthusing independence, curiosity and decision-making.

  • Curriculum    Matching   Global   Standard
  • Day   wise   Curriculum   for   Pre-Nursery,   Nursery &   KG
  • Activity Books Supporting the Curriculum
  • Teachers Manual

Features of Mother’s Lap


PreSchool Curriculum

Preschool Management

PreSchool Management
  • Attendance
  • Homework
  • Announcement
  • Report Card
  • PTM
  • Assignment
  • Planner
  • Messaging
  • Fee Payment
  • Events

Unique Feature For Parents

  •   Audio Bedtime Stories Everyday
  •   Parenting & Health Tips
  •   Animated Learning Content
  •   Meal updates for Parent
  •   Festive Knowledge
  •   Access to the Best Doctors in your Neighbourhood.
  •   Consult & Book Appointment.
  •   Nutrition Chart for Child and Mother.

Benefits of Mother's Lap

Brand Building

  •    Ready-to-use Curriculum matching global standard
  •    Co-branded solutions to individual school on web and mobile.
  •   Increased digital footprint means enhanced reputation.

Cost Saving

  •   No requirement of expensive software.
  •   No need to buy SMS packages to communicate with parents.
  •   Freedom from traditional paperwork.

Higher Efficiency

  •   Instant delivery of messages, attendance and assignments.
  •   Anytime, anywhere access to all the modules.
  •   No recordkeeping required, greater control on processes.

App Screenshot

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